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196.000 resident employees
of only
2.586 km²
Come to see things. You people wouldn't believe.
Population of 511.840 inhabitants of which
43% foreigners
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Luxembourg loves you

Luxembourg is home to all the big and small stars of the Internet business wishing to serve 500 mio Europeans out of Luxembourg...

How could we handle that without you ?

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State-Of-The-Art Infrastructures
Data Centers
4000 people work in R&D
8 ms
580 km
8,3 ms
350 km
4,8 ms
380 km
4,5 ms
300 km
3,5 ms
200 km
There can be no understanding between the hand and the brain unless the heart acts as mediator
International Airport
Ultra fast rail services

Luxembourg: outstanding connectivity with very low latency rates, ultra-high bandwidth all over the place, one of the best data center parks in the middle of the "golden circle".


Cultural Events
Personal Safety
Luxury Nature


Glamour Places
Good food
Chill out & have fun

Luxembourg is a welcoming place to live and offers an exceptional quality of life. Luxembourg city offers the vibrant cosmopolitan atmosphere of a European capital and yet regularly ranks among the world's top cities for personal safety and security.

We are the ICT  Heroes !

ICT is a top priority in Luxembourg. Your skills are vital to us! Let's be a driving force of the future- out of Luxembourg. For the world.